RRSP Mortgage – Deal #RM104



This RRSP-eligible mortgage will be placed on a cash-flowing 10-bedroom home (4 suites) in Prince George, BC. Prince George has some strong fundamentals and will provide plenty of appreciation and security for your investment over the coming years. For more information about investing in PG check out the following articles: 

Financial Info

Funds Required: $65,000
Interest Rate: 4% simple interest only
Interest Earned: $5,200 total; quarterly payments with lump sum at the end
Term: 2-year open


  • Your funds must be transferred from your existing financial institution to a TD Waterhouse Self-Directed plan (RRSP accounts must end with an ‘S’, RRIF accounts must end with a ‘T’)
  • With a minimum investment, we pay all administration fees for opening and maintaining the mortgage.
  • We do not pay fees to liquidate existing investments within your RRSP/RRIF. These fees vary widely depending on the investment and must be paid by you.
  • Interest accumulates (but does not compound) over the term.  The total interest payment is paid into the RRSP in a lump sum at the end of the term
  • At the end of the term, we have the option to renew the mortgage for an additional term (specified above under ‘Special Options’).
  • If we do not renew the term, the original borrowed funds are returned to the RRSP, along with all the accumulated interest.
  • No tax liability is incurred by investing in an RRSP mortgage. The investment is still held within the RRSP.

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