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TD Waterhouse closes doors on Arms Length Mortgages

Wow! The biggest trustee in Canada to offer ALMs is no longer doing them effective April 17, 2012. Many of my readers, subscribers, followers and fans have come to me and asked why TD Waterhouse is doing this? Well, I had to get to the bottom of it and I called TDW to find out. […]

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Why Invest in Private Mortgages?

The most secured and durable investment is real estate property. History has proven that although real estate prices may have fluctuated from time to time, over the long-term real estate property has appreciated in value. The security for a mortgage is real estate property. Private mortgages provide a regular income stream, tangible security and a […]

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Benefits of Investing in Private Mortgages

Here are some of the benefits of investing in private RRSP Arm’s Length Mortgages… Tax Refund: Save taxes and get a big tax refund by contributing your own cash or credit into your RRSP, and then loaning those funds as an RRSP mortgage. High Return on Investment: Consistently beat most mutual funds and even the stock market […]

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Mortgage rules cramp investors’ buying style, says CREW poll

I’m finding more and more articles showing investors how they can access private funds via RRSP mortgages (aka Arm’s Length Mortgages)/ Here’s another great article by CRE Magazine: The government’s new mortgage rules have, indeed, affected the acquisition strategy of many real estate investors — right along with their home-buying counterparts — suggests a CREW […]

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Investor: Time to get creative with RRSP lenders

Here is a great article by the folks at Canadian Real Estate Magazine. It talks about how YOU as an RRSP investor can invest in mortgages all from within your RRSP account! Imagine not having to worry about stock market fluctuations, whether Greece is going to default or any of that other stuff that you don’t need to […]

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5 Costliest Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors

Real Estate investing can be a great vehicle to use for people who want to build passive income and have extra cash flow, and although the process can be simple, it shouldn’t be considered easy. There’s a level of knowledge, experience, due diligence, and hard work that will contribute to your success. While there may […]

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The Value and Risks of Leveraging

by Scott Rawkins Leveraging to invest is a double bladed sword and using it properly can help you cut your way to financial freedom and using it carelessly can leave a bloody financial mess. The value of leveraging can be most simply stated as the benefit of using other people’s money. By borrowing the funds […]

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The Truth about Mutual Funds…

By Gary McGowan Have you ever wanted to know the secrets behind the mutual fund arena? Did you know that 75% of funds perform below the index? Do you have faith in the financial advisors from your bank? Do you feel you’re not getting the advice you are paying for? Do you want to take […]

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The Fallacy About RRSP’s Every Real Estate Investor MUST Know

By Dave Peniuk Very few Canadians actually understand what their RRSP is. And I am pretty sure if they did they wouldn’t be investing money the way they are investing money today. I am also pretty sure there would be a lot more real estate investors taking advantages of mortgages within RRSP accounts! It really […]

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Arm’s Length Mortgages — a strategy for sophisticated investors who want a better return on their RRSPs

If you’ve answered “YES!” to any one of those questions, you might want to take a few minutes and read the rest of this article.

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