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Investor: Time to get creative with RRSP lenders

Here is a great article by the folks at Canadian Real Estate Magazine. It talks about how YOU as an RRSP investor can invest in mortgages all from within your RRSP account! Imagine not having to worry about stock market fluctuations, whether Greece is going to default or any of that other stuff that you don’t need to […]

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The Truth about Mutual Funds…

By Gary McGowan Have you ever wanted to know the secrets behind the mutual fund arena? Did you know that 75% of funds perform below the index? Do you have faith in the financial advisors from your bank? Do you feel you’re not getting the advice you are paying for? Do you want to take […]

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10 Great Reasons To Invest In Real Estate Instead Of Paper Assets

Here are 10 reasons why we think it is much better to invest in real estate than in any other investment vehicles — they are the reasons WE invest in real estate. In Real Estate, we can insure our property for its full replacement value, against loss. We cannot insure paper assets against any type […]

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